Within this category are music folios that generally match songs from a particular studio project and songbooks that represent collections with various themes. Unless indicated otherwise, these folios usually include SAT vocals just as the Lanny Wolfe Trio would have sung the arrangement, piano accompaniment, and chord indications.

A must for every singer/musician’s collection is the Lanny Wolfe Songbook–Fifty of His Finest, which is just what the title implies — 50 of Lanny Wolfe’s most popular songs. Most of the songs in this collection have SAT vocal parts just as the Lanny Wolfe Trio would have sung the song and a piano accompaniment along with chord indications. This songbook is an absolute must for your collection.

Also very popular are the three volumes-Lanny Wolfe Trio, Vol. I, Vol. II, and Vol. III. Each volume contains approximately Lanny Wolfe tunes with the SAT vocals, piano accompaniment, and chord indications. Click on each title to see which selections are contained within each volume.

Have A Nice Day

The Lanny Wolfe Songbook, Fifty Of His Finest

Father Love

Just Keep Praising Him

Let Us Rejoice

I'm Gonna Praise The Lord Any Way That I Can

Through The Years

Can't Stop The Music

Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy

The Sounds of His Coming

Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul

Let's Sing A Song About Jesus

Lanny Wolfe Trio Volume I

Lanny Wolfe Trio Volume II

Lanny Wolfe Trio Volume III