14th Annual NMMC Mass Choir Concert ’89 (2 CD set) (#81802)


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Disc One:
1) We’ve Come Together (Soloist, Dave Petersen)
2) Let Thy Glory Fill This Place (Soloist, Sherri Grisham)
3) Right Now Is The Right Time (Soloists: Joy Norris, Hector Soto)
4) Once Upon A Cross (Soloists: DaRon Maughon, Richey Glass)
5) In Jesus Name (Soloist, Marietta Wolfe)
6) Only Jesus (Soloists: Greg Gibbs, Andy Torres)
7) Celebrate! (Soloists: Tina Alford, Shelton Lovern, DaRon Maughon)
8) We Are The Church-We Are Still The Church (Soloists: Tina Alford, Kevin Herrin)

Disc Two:
1) I Love You More And More (Soloist, Juliana Jones)
2) Feel The Spirit (Soloist, Kaye Franklin)
3) That Name, Jesus (Soloists: Vicki Yohe, Joseph Bales)
4) In Your Presence (Soloist, Lanna-Marie Wolfe)
5) The Race (Soloist, Mickey Mangun)
6) Jesus Saves (Soloists: Kevin Edwards, Tim Pedigo, John Robinson)
7) I’ve Been Delivered (Soloist, Shelton Lovern)

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