Surely The Presence octavo SATB #912440


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This six-page, spiral bound 8 1/2″ x 11″ octavo arrangement in Db major by Michael Frazier includes SATB vocals, piano accompaniment, and chords and can be used with the Lanny Wolfe Trio London Symphony stereo instrumental track arranged by Lari Goss for the Lanny Wolfe Trio Studio project Have A Nice Day #30602.

In contrast with this octavo arrangement, #912441 (Key of D major) is a congregational/hymn format with SATB vocals only for the chorus with no verses, chords, or piano accompaniment.

The #912442 sheet music format (Key of Db major) is a 2 pg. 8 ½” X 11” spiral bound arrangement that matches the demo of the Lanny Wolfe Trio from the project “Have A Nice Day” #30602 and contains vocals for unison or solo on the verses, Sop/Alto/Tenor or (SSA) on the chorus, piano accompaniment, and chords.

If you are interested in purchasing the track that this octavo arrangement can work with, click on the following link:

. . . or go to the Site Map, scroll across the top to CD Accompaniment Sound Tracks. In the column marked Lanny Wolfe Trio, scroll down to Accompaniment Tracks Alphabetized, click on that and then scroll down to Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In this Place #30602J. Click on that link and it will allow you to put this item into your shopping cart. The stereo instrumental accompaniment sound track is perfect for use by a soloists, trio, SAT praise team or a SATB choir for praise and worship settings, weddings, funerals, church and baby dedications.

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