Two Lanny Wolfe Trio CD's--PEACE IN JESUS IN A TROUBLED WORLD TODAY (Songs for the Times) and SOMEONE IS PRAYING FOR YOU (Songs of Hope And Encouragement) 34 Lanny Wolfe songs featuring the Lanny Wolfe Trio singing songs 'for the end times' and especially 'now' as the world is troubled by the looming pandemic health threat that spawns hopelessness, fear, and uncertainly about today . . . and tomorrow. Songs include: Peace In Jesus (In A Troubled World Today), Someone Is Praying For You, In Everything Give Thanks, A Brand New Touch, Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place, Whatever It Takes, Romans 8:28, God's Family/God's Wonderful People, Jesus Heals The Brokenhearted , It Will Be Worth The Weight, In Your Presence , Out Of Your Hands, Then Why The Tears, The Weaver, A Fresh Touch Of Desire, Have A Nice Day, I Keep Falling In Love With Him, The Sounds Of His Coming, The Church Will Stand, There’s Something In The Air, Jesus Is Still The Answer, The Year When Jesus Comes, He Will Come Back, The Rock, Shout It . . . Jesus Is Coming!, Together (We Can Make A Difference), One Day Closer, When It’s All Said And Done, I’m Gonna’ Be Gone, How Long Will We Wait?

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