Lanny Wolfe Diamond Jubilee Concert 2 DVD set & 2 CD Set #32802 $34.95

SPECIAL: 2 DVD SET and the 2 CD SET $30.00 JULY 15-22. Normally $34.95 (Reg. value $49.90) LANNY WOLFE DIAMOND JUBILEE BIRTHDAY CONCERT featuring THE LANNY WOLFE TRIO AND FORTY GOSPEL ARTISTS singing favorite Lanny Wolfe Songs. Celebrating Lanny Wolfe's milestone birthday, Outstanding Gospel Artists from across the nation came together for a once-in-a-lifetime concert event hosted by Pastors Randy & Renee Clark and Triumph Church in Sugar Land, TX. It was an over- whelming musical evening paying tribute to the songwriter with outstanding soloists and choirs singing the most well-known and favorite LW songs. The entire concert was videoed and captured on two DVD's with almost four hours of 'more than wonde-rful' singing and participation plus bonus features including: Concert Photo Gallery, VIP Re-ception Photo Gallery, The Sound Track Of My Life Video, God's Family Cyber Choir Credits and Participants, Selected interviews from Event Artists and Participants, and Birthday Greetings from Donny & Reba Rambo McGuire, The Ball Brothers, Evie Tournquist Karlsson, Karen Harding, and Karen Peck. ARTISTS & PARTICIPANTS:The Lanny Wolfe Trio - Lanny Wolfe, Marietta Webster, Dave Petersen; Geron & Becky Davis, Shelton & Alyson Lovern, Danny & Yvonne Shelton, Dan Willis, Sharon Haygood, Gail Kreason, Lori Carouthers, Kevin Herrin, Nancy Kilgore, Nancy Grandquist, Ladye Love Smith, Melody Firestone, Joy & Landy Gardner, Wayne & Elizabeth Goodine, Melanie Jones, Madonna Massey, Hector Soto, V. Michael McKay, Dusty Wells, James & Tracey Shockley, Don Bates, Jr., Adrian Compton, Tim Barker, Dora Johnston, Elizabeth Dees Taylor, Todd & Tiffani Livengood, Stephen Gregory, Jeannie Tenney, Sharon Livengood, Good Hope Missionary Baptist Choir, Najah Jankur, Joe Parker, Cary Studdard, Demetra Carney, Randy & Renee’ Clark, Bradley Knight, Jim & Carol Cymbala, One Love. SONGS: God's Wonderful People, Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul, Move Me With Compassion, God Will Make A Way, Peace In Jesus (In A Troubled World Today), Jesus Is Still The Answer , Precious Blood, I Feel Heaven In This Place, Surely The Presence, A Brand New Touch, In Everything Give Thanks, His Grace Is Still Amaz-ing, Children Of Azusa Street, Jesus, We Crown You With Praise, Rejoice With Ex-ceeding Great Joy, The Beauty Of The Name, Cherish That Name, Whatever It Takes, Gethsemane, Greater Is He, For God So Loved The World, Praise His Holy Name, More Than Wonderful, The Church Will Stand, God’s Family, I Keep Falling In Love With Him, Jesus, Be The Lord Of All, Some Day I’ll Walk On Gold, Have A Nice Day With Jesus, You’ve Been Good To Me, I Feel Good, (Jesus Will Be What Makes It) Heaven For Me

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