18th Annual NMMC Mass Choir Concert '93 (#82202) $16.95

1) Music For His Majesty (Soloist, Marietta Wolfe)
2) Fresh Fire (Soloists: Jonathan Moore, John Ragsdale)
3) Sing One More Song About Heaven (Soloist, Murrell Ewing)
4) Hallowed Be Thy Name-Anointing (Soloists: Shayne Clifton, Juliana Clifton)
5) He Didn't Have To (Soloist, Celeste Caples)
6) This Is A Holy Place (Soloists: Jeanine Byerly, Barbara Keller)
7) I've Been Changed (Soloists: Sharon Perry, Mike Anderson, Joel Ritchey, Alicia Bridges)
8) With My Whole Heart (Soloist, Danny Rivers)
9) Waymaker (Soloist, Julie Hopper)
10) Not In Vain (Soloist, Vonnie Lopez)