Together (We Can Make A Difference)

In response to the 9/11 attack on America or the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina or Rita – Lanny Wolfe has written Together, We Can Make A Difference and recorded it with The Together Project Choir.

You will want to get the listening CD or Cassette and be inspired to the greatest National unity our country has ever known.

Ministers of Music and Choir Directors—You will want your choir to sing this!

Order your preview pak today!

Song Lyrics (for 9/11)

    One September morning right before our eyes
    An act of evil took our nation by surprise.
    And our hearts are at a loss for words
    At such a loss of life,
    But what was meant to divide us
    Has only made us unite.

    Together, we can make a difference.
    We can change the world if we try.
    Together, we can make a difference.
    We can change the world if we try.
    There's no time to lose: we must all do our part,
    So let's join our hands and show the world our heart.
    Together, we can make a difference.
    We can make a difference.
    We can change the world if we try.

    NOTE: The demo recordings (with lead vocals), preview packs and video products are recorded with the 9/11 lyrics. Use the track CD/Cassette (#31608, #31607) to perform the latest Hurricane Katrina lyrics.

Listening CDs & Cassettes(TWCMD)
Listening CDs & Cassettes(TWCMD)
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Preview Packs (TWCMAD)

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