#31302M Father Love acc. traxs--Combination of Stereo & Split Tr $110.00

All 10 songs from #31202 Accompaniment Traxs--Stereo Instrumental and Split Traxs. Each trax is indicated as to whether it is Stereo Instrumental or Split. 1) We Give You Praise-Stereo Instrumental Trax 2) The Name Of The Lord Is More Powerful-Stereo Instrumental Trax 3) Father Love-Stereo Instrumental Trax 4) With A Shout Of Glory-Split Trax with LW Singers Group Vocals 5) So Close To The Cross-Split Trax with LW Singers Group Vocals 6) Jesus Heals The Brokenhearted-Split Trax with LW Singers Group Vocals 7) It Will Be Worth The Weight-Stereo Instrumental Trax 8) This Is A Holy Place-Stereo Instrumental Trax 9) We're Declaring War On The Devil-Split Trax w/LW Singers Group Vocals 10) We're Friends-Split Trax w/LW Singers Group Vocals 11) We're Friends-Stereo Instrumental Trax
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