Have A Nice Day


    Have A Nice Day With Jesus
    Lord, I Want to Go Home
    I've Been Takin' A Look At Jesus
    The Wind Is Blowin' Again
    It Feels So Good (Just Being Here Again)
    I'm Gonna Love Him
    My House Is Full (But My Field Is Empty)
    Look Out, Satan, Look Out
    In Everything Give Thanks

In addition to the Lanny Wolfe Trio listening CD, Paradigm also offers accompaniment traxs in CD format. These stereo trax have the instrumental accompaniment on both left and right sides (channels) of the trax. Some trax may have background vocals included in the mix. These background vocals are not usually vocals that your performance soloist, group, or choir would be doubling. Split trax format, with accompaniment on one side of the trax and group vocals on the other are not available for songs from this Lanny Wolfe Trio project.

Listening CDs  (HAND)
Listening CDs (HAND)
CD Accompaniment Stereo Tracks (HAND)
CD Accompaniment Stereo Tracks (HAND)

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